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June 3rd, 2010 / Sean Willson

Today IS Yesterdays Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow CalendarI used to be like most everyone out there when it came to eating right and working out. I made every excuse in the world to start tomorrow or in a few days.

It’s Friday, I’m going to start on Monday.
I can’t start today, I’ve already eaten bad, tomorrow I’ll do it.
I’ll start on the first, I’m to busy right now.
I’ve already eaten bad this weekend so what’s a few more days.
I just wanna relax, it’s been a crazy week.
I don’t want to waste this food I’ve already bought, once it’s gone I’m all in.

The list goes on an on. Every time I wanted to start I could think of a million reasons why waiting a bit longer just made more sense. Convincing ones self that tomorrow is “close enough” is much easier than realizing that today is yesterdays tomorrow.

Stop The Insanity

Get off the couch, put down the snickers bar, and just start changing your life. Stop making excuses or future broken promises and do your self a solid instead.

Start now, heck start yesterday! You know what you’ve eaten the past 24-48 hours. Write it down and start from there. Waiting till tomorrow will get you nowhere quickly, there’s always another tomorrow waiting to take it’s place.

I’ve dealt with being sick, having sick kids, hurt backs, sore muscles, bum ankles, a pregnant wife, holidays, vacations, and a host of other obstacles and yet I still stopped the insane tomorrow promises and decided to live in today. I still found time to workout and eat right.

Yea, you might have to watch less TV, there’s a shocker. You might even have to get up early (or stay up late) to do your workouts. The key is to just do it and keep doing it however it works for you. Get creative, get crazy, just get moving.

You can do the same thing I’m doing … if I can do it I’m certain that everyone who really want it can as well.

Life Happens, Get Over It

You will fail at something along the way, yes I said you will fail … deal with it. Just don’t be afraid of it and don’t expect it not to happen to you because it will and if you think otherwise you won’t be getting on track for a long while.

What you have to do instead is plan for it to happen. No, I’m not telling you to sabotage yourself and go buy a chocolate cake and I’m not giving you carte blanch to eat bad whenever you want. Instead I’m tell you to prepare for failure by resolving to not give up and to not let that failure cascade till it gets out of hand.

If you have a bad meal or miss a workout no biggie. Don’t stress on making it up by working out more or skipping meals, that just leads to a host of other problems. Instead, just don’t eat another bad meal and make sure you don’t miss your next workout. It’s a simple solution to a problem that can seem overwhelming and riddled with guilt.

The key is to get going and once your going don’t let life stop you from living. You can still enjoy a nice meal out, a BBQ with friends, an ice cream splurge here and there and all without guilt … just don’t make it every meal and know when to stop.

Life will throw you curveballs in the form of food and obstacles to working out. Your challenge is finding creative ways to roll with the punches and keep being that healthy new you and to NOT give up and restart tomorrow. You and I both know how easy those tomorrows become days, weeks, and years.

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  1. KyokoCake / Jun 3 2010

    I love this sentiment! If you start tomorrow, it’s like you spend today walking backwards and you’ve just made it THAT much longer of a journey :)
    .-= KyokoCake´s last blog ..Feeling Pretty =-.

  2. Miki / Jun 4 2010

    I’ve done this for years, and you know how often I actually got started? Once. Then, as soon as I fell off the wagon, I was all, “Oh, I can’t do anything right, might as well call it quits now.” You’re right, you can’t put things off, and you can’t let failure trip you up. Keep trucking on. Thanks for this post. I might just print it up and tack it on my wall. ^.^
    .-= Miki´s last blog ..Day 57 =-.

  3. Patrick / Jun 4 2010

    Sean, Hi, Patrick here… found your blog today, very nice! Yes, the “It’s Friday, I’m going to start on Monday.” mentality, I had it for about 2 decades myself. Hopefully I have cleared that out for good over the past two months. We’ll see, but that is the plan.

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