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September 5th, 2011 / Sean Willson

Labor Of Love 5k Race Recap, A New PR

This was my first 5k race of the season and it took place today (Labor Day). I have to say that I was quite pleased with the results. I only signed up for this race on Wednesday of last week when a friend of mine asked if I was interested in running in it. The great part for me was that this race was right in our town but for him it was a 40~ minute drive.

I haven’t been running as much the past few weeks since the HIM but I have still maintained 2 – 3 runs per week. My goal for next weeks race is a 8:30 – 9:00 minute mile pace the whole run so I thought I’d use this race as a test to see if it was doable.

Pre Race

Not too much to report here … my usual pasta w/chicken the night before the race and my peanut butter protein oatmeal the morning of the meal about 1.5 hours before the race. I only managed around 6 hours of sleep because I was up late blogging but it was plenty.

The morning of the race we arrived with plenty of time to pickup my bib, meet up with my friends Tony & Mary, and play with the kids a bit at the playground. Here’s a shot of the three of us just before the start of the race.

Tony, Mary, and Me at the Labor of Love 5k

The temperature had dropped to the mid 50’s the night before the race so it was pretty much perfect running weather. I will admit to being kinda cold though so I decided to run in my jacket which for the most part was a good call, more on that in a second.

We were standing around chatting waiting for the race to start. It’s usually preceded with a national anthem or some kind of announcer but not today. BAM, a gun goes off and apparently we’re starting … everyone was a bit shocked but we went with it.

The Run

My goal the whole race was to shoot for a 8:30 – 9:00 mile average pace. I started off a bit faster than that but otherwise maintained it pretty close. My average pace was actually 8:35 minutes per mile (according to this calculator).

You can see my splits were a bit slower each time but overall were well within my target pace.

Labor of Love 5k Split Details

Note: The above numbers are off a bit, I need to calibrate my Garmin FR60 a bit.

I felt pretty good the entire run but around about mile 1.5 I started getting a tad warm. I tried unzipping my jacket but this was the first time in a long time I was running with headphones. I had them clipped on the jacket so they started bouncing around when I went to unzip it. Rather than play with them while running or stop and lose time fixing them I just zipped it back up and pushed through the heat.

It’s always a good race when you’re rarely passed, it’s easier on the ego. Today was indeed a good race because except for a little bit of back and forth throughout the run I was only passed by one person. The only other person, a 12~ year old, that had passed me I sprinted past at the end (see below picture). I held my pace from the start and pretty much maintained it the whole race :)

Me sprinting into the finish at the Labor of Love 5k

So how’d I do? I finished in 26′ 43″ getting a new personal record by almost 1 minute (59″ to be exact). My prior PR of 27′ 42″ was set at the Fitbloggin 5k back in May but it wasn’t an official race.

It was really awesome having the wife and kids there to cheer me on. They were able to get some playground time in while I was out on the course but cheered me out and all the way in. Nothing beats hearing your family yelling you in with a little cowbell to boot 😉

Did I Learn Anything?

One thing that was really interesting to me at this race was that because I had a goal pace and pushed really hard to maintain it my heart rate was in a range I don’t usually train or run in.

Heart Rate Chart During 5k

It was certainly difficult keeping it that high, I’m usually a middle to high 160’s guy. I don’t know if this means I should push my pace more but given how happy I was with the results I might just have to run in that zone a bit more often.

The other thing I learned today was that even with the temperatures in the low 50’s I needn’t run in a jacket, I still get too hot. Perhaps if it was a bit colder and the sun wasn’t out it would have been warranted, otherwise nope.

That’s about it, how about you. Did you get out and run or labor at all today?

Update: If you’re looking for official results for this race then here’s the link. I noticed a few hits searching on that term so I thought I’d help out. I hope you enjoy the rest of the site!

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  1. MizFit / Sep 6 2011

    A new PR?!
    it was a mellow one here.

    I got my gluteskicked by a gaggle of 5 yer olds in bowling and ate chicken :)
    MizFit´s last blog post ..Labor Day Chickenbus.

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