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April 14th, 2012 / Sean Willson

Week In Review And Weighing In

I’ve decided that today’s (Saturday) going to be my new official weigh-in day. If you’ve visited my blog in the past you’ll know I usually do this on Fridays. Given the new job and that I like to workout before I weigh-in that means todays the day since I can’t workout in the morning during the week any longer. Yes, I’ve weighed in after working out for years now so I’m not cheating because I’m consistent week to week and month to month because I always do it.

Anyhow, the last time I blogged my weighed in was on February 10th. I did weigh-in last Saturday just after I restarted and I’ll state that as well as todays weigh-in results now. On to the numbers!

Previous Blogged Weight — 278.4 lbs (on 02.10.2012)
Previous Weight — 294.0 lbs (on 04.07.2012)
Current Weight — 289.8 lbs
Change In Weight-4.2 lbs

I’m very happy with this weeks results given how focused I’ve been. I’ve eaten almost perfectly and have managed to workout almost every day I wanted. I did have one lazy day but sometimes that happens. Here’s what my workouts looked like this week:

  • Friday — 45min, Circuit Training
  • Saturday — 30 min, Running, 40 min Walking
  • Sunday — 40 min, Circuit Training
  • Monday — Off Day
  • Tuesday — 40 min, Circuit Training
  • Wednesday — 45 min, Cycling Trainer
  • Thursday — Off Day (lazy day)
  • Friday — 40 min, Cycling Trainer
  • Saturday — 40min, Circuit Training

Those are all of my workouts since I started back up again last Friday. You’ll notice that I started on Friday but didn’t weigh-in until Saturday which means I was probably even higher than 294, yikes :(

Broccoli, Chicken, and Sweet PotatoesI mentioned “almost perfectly” above because I will admit to having partaken in some small portions of easter candy around the house. I’ve limited myself to like 10 M&M’s and no more but I have had 1 serving of easter candy per day, usually late at night when I’m relaxing. Far from perfect I know but not as bad as I’ve been in the past … progress not perfection.

This week I’m going to continue my focus and build some momentum. My new job was great and really made it easier to get my food in without over indulging. Despite there being food I shouldn’t eat on hand they had ample fresh fruit and healthier options which was a huge win each day. For our dinners we ate at home every night except one where I had some Chicken Kabobs and Potatoes … healthy options for the win!

While we were out and about today I picked up a new pair of shoes for work along with some new running shoes. I’ve had to stick with traditional running shoes with their thicker support for my running because my ankles and the bottoms of my feel hurt far too much if I don’t. I am however fine with minimal shoes for circuit training, walking, and everything else so I picked up a pair of the new New Balance Minimus Trail 10.

New Balance Minimus Trail 10

They feel great so far, I’ll let you know how they work out in the future. I still use my other New Balance Minimus shoes for cross training, weight lifting, and other things along with my VFF.

I hope your week was as good as mine and that you’re starting this new week with momentum and focus.

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  1. Mike / Apr 18 2012

    Don’t feel bad about having the “lazy” day because it is needed at times to recharge the battery and avoid burnout. You have done such a great job and your health and fitness and life journey is only going to get better!
    Mike´s last blog post ..Diet Mistakes and How To Maintain Weight Loss

  2. FitterBrit / May 3 2012

    Hey Sean!
    I started my own journey less than a month ago, and you are an inspiration indeed. I don’t have as much to lose as you did, and your achievement is awesome. I’m struggling to reach my target of losing 40 lbs, I have lost just 13 in a month, and I’m working my butt off! But I will be checking in with you alot for tips and advice. Keep it up, you rock dude.
    FitterBrit´s last blog post ..The Measurements Are In. Man, I’m a Porker!

    • Sean Willson / Jun 1 2012

      Thanks, I hope that I can help. If you ever have any questions or would like to see my post on any topics let me know. You can do this, it’s a long journey but ultimately worth taking this road less traveled.

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